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Quality Systemtechnik (Qsys) has grown to be very well known International trading company located exactly at the business hub of Dubai, which is the Jebel Ali Free zone of United Arab Emirates, doing business through out Europe, Middle East Regions, Asian Countries and United States of America. We are specialized in import/export of many kinds of general commodities and mainly we do international trade and distribution of different Items & products from general commodities with best Quality in the market and from famous brands.

Our offerings comprises of Electronics and Computer parts and its accessories, Environmental systems, Construction Materials, Spare parts, Production Lines, Machinery & Tools, and Trading in General Commodities in Global scale.

Qsys international trade expertise came from a vast experienced of key professionals and key decision makers of our company working around the clock to accommodate the demands of international market from East to West that allows us to offer the preference that our customers and suppliers may require and recognizes that doing business with us is not geographically bounded.

Qsys Mission is to provide our clients with the best services that could only be imagined as we strongly valued our customers and suppliers. Because Qsys understand the fundamental and continuous changes taking place in the marketplace today. So we focus on committing ourselves to support our trading partners in creating sustainable competitive advances.

It is our commitment to build long term relationship based on mutual trust and respect towards our customers and suppliers. We believed that by giving flexible, reliable and consistent performance conjunction with excellent customer services will contribute to customer loyalty.






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